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/ 新製品紹介 /

New MPO Multi-functional ConnectorMPO-16F&32F Connector

MPO 16F&32 Internal Shutter Adapters

Based on our award-winning MPO internal shutter adapter design, the new 16F&32F Internal Shutter Adapters bring even more fibers to your panels with the safety and protection of internal shutters. The internal shutters provide protection from lasers, dust and debris while protecting the ferrule.

The connection of optical fiber cables is necessary for 400G network deployment for internet enterprises and operators at home and abroad.

Featured with compact size and more fibers, MPO 16F&32 Connector is considered as the best solution for the low delay and extra-high speed transmission of 400G network.

MPO 16F&32 Internal Shutter Adapters – for front-of rack usage

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