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/ 新製品紹介 /

これは最初の編ですNew MPO Multi-functional Connector


This MPO adapter features internal shutter and compact size. The internal shutters provide protection from lasers, dust and debris while protecting the ferrule.

MPO IS Cluster Adapter developed for front-of rack usage & HD panel.

The overlaid no-flange adapters can reduce dimensions to add more space in the cabinet or panel.

Features and Speci?cations:

SM, MM and APC

6 ports. With adjusted housing cover, it can be changed into 4-, 8- or 12-ports. 

SC/LC 12-port adapter footprint

- Snap-in side spring latch without flange

Key combinations available: 

 ? Key Up/Key Down

 ? Key Up/Key Up

Designed for HD panel, can be overlaid vertically

No dust cap required for front receptacle

Available in a variety of housing colors

Shutter door options: white or translucent

Compliant with IEC 61754-7 and GR 1435


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