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/ LC /

LC Push-Pull Uniboot ConnectorsLC Uniboot Connectors

LC Harsh Environment Duplex Connectors

Secure connection that withstand the weather

    ? Seal rating of  IP66/IP67

    ? Secure & robust connection

    ? Strong cable retention force for FTTA applications

Features and Speci?cations:

    - Designed for stronger cable retention forces needed in FTTA applications

    - Connector plug accepts two round, break out style fiber optic cables with O.D. ranges from 5.0mm-8.0mm 

       with two 2.4mm-3.0mm jacketed sub units

    - IEC-61754-20 and TIA-604-10A-2002 Standard-Type LC

    - EC60529 compliant for harsh environments

    - Operating Temperature Range: -40?C to 85?C

    - Pull Force: 250N

    - Fiber Type: SM (9/125), MM (50/125, 62.5/125)

    - Application Mode: SM, MM, APC




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