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LC Uniboot ConnectorsLC Simplex Connectors

LC Duplex Connectors

LC Duplex Connectors offer the same compact, space-saving design of simplex connectors with the added convenience of dual connections. Our specialized duplex clip makes it easy to cover a full range of duplex applications with all the benefits of high-density packaging. Available in a standard two-piece design, or unibody option for added durability.

Features and Speci?cations:

                  Fiber Type: SM (9/125), MM (50/125, 62.5/125)

       Applicable Mode: SM, MM, APC

             Insertion Loss: 0.3dB or lower

                Return Loss: 55dB or lower UPC; 65dB or lower APC

                    Telcordia: GR-326-CORE Compliant

                              IEC: IEC 61754-20

           EU Regulations: RoHS, REACH Compliant

    Flammability Grade: UL 94V-0


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