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LC Push-Pull Uniboot ConnectorsLC Harsh Environment Duplex Connectors

LC Push-Pull Uniboot Connectors

The LC Push-Pull Uniboot Connector combines a simple installation and removal process with space utilization efficiency. The LC Push-Pull Uniboot Connector makes managing cable systems simpler, with an easy, no-jig polarity reversible function and compact design. Additionally, the seamless latching mechanism ensures a more stable connection.

Features and Speci?cations:

                    Fiber Type: SM (9/125), MM (50/125, 62.5/125)

         Applicable Mode: SM, MM

              Insertion Loss: 0.3dB or lower

                 Return Loss: 55dB or lower UPC; 65dB or lower APC

                     Telcordia: GR-326-CORE Compliant

                               IEC: IEC 61754-20

            EU Regulations: RoHS, REACH Compliant

     Flammability Grade: UL 94V-0

LC Push-Pull Polarity Reversible Connector - No tool needed


第一步:從背解 開彈簧鎖

第二步:式連器 上取下簧鎖




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