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Data Center

A data center is a facility with a network of computing and data storage resources to provide shared applications and data through routers, switches, firewalls and storage systems, servers and controllers.

5G Network

The 5th generation mobile communication technology or 5G is a new generation of broadband mobile communcation technology that features a high speed, low delay and wider connection range which establishes a network infrastructure that allows interconnection between humans, computers/ machinary and things.


FTTX is an abbreviation for “Fiber to the X”. There are several varieties of FTTX in the optical communication network, where “X” means the destination of the optical fiber lines.

Industry News

Become a globalized company with a strong corporate culture, and create Advanced Technologies that make a lasting impression on people.


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The LC IS Adapter has been updated  with a new trimmer and compact footprint.

The reduced height allows for high-density  packaging and the choice of side or vertical

spring latches provides custom installation  options. The internal shutters provide

maximum protection from lasers, dust,  and other debris while protecting the ferrule.

Features and Speci?cations:

- SM, MM, and APC

- New height is 9.4 mm vs. original 11.4 mm

- SC simplex/duplex foot print

- Duplex and Quad types

- Designed for high-density panels

- Two spring latch designs available:

    ? Side spring latches for top-bottom HD mounting

    ? Vertical spring latches for side-by-side HD mounting

- No metal shroud on front allows housing color to be visible when mounted

- Available in a variety of housing colors

- Shutter door options: white or translucent


New product

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About Us

About Us

We are proud to offer to society products that have value and quality inside of them.

Our corporate headquarters is in Kyoto, Japan and we have subsidaries in China (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin and Hong Kong), US, Mexico, Vietnam and Thailand. Suncall Technologies (SZ) Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidaries in Shenzhen, China that mainly produces optical fiber components, such as connectors and adapters for use in telecommunication network and data communication. Our company has a strict quality and environmental management system due to being ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 certified.  We also have an experienced R&D team that has created many patents registered to our company. 


About Us

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